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  Hollistic tree care, and property care. My goal is to preserve and protect the health of your trees, and property, because unhealthy trees cause damage, and pose a threat to people and property. Specialized Climbing, Trimming, Assessment, Removals,  and Clear Cutting. I also do cat rescues, and climbing in situation where most climbers would need to rely on using tree damaging spikes, I can climb any tree to be trimmed without using spikes. Removals or sections to be removed I will use spikes if I see fit. I study access rescue skills, and occassionally work on steep embankments, or cliff edges putting up protective fencing, as well as retention work on steep slopes, and cliffs. Rigging, and rope knowledge is a huge part of what I do. But tree knowledge, and care is the main goal. Please click on the photo to learn more about the Price per Tree Program, and it's benefits.

A large part of tree care is knowing, and understanding a tree's growth, and dormancy cycles. As well understanding how a tree will respond to trimming work. Beyond that there are the enviromental elements that will affect a tree.knowing and considering the very basics of these components. THe climbing systems I use are the proven industry standard in gently, and non-invasively entering, working, and exiting any tree. I can easily get around a canopy, and get to the tips of the limbs, remove large or small sections. Most of the time I encounter wild life habitats in the trees I work on, my goal is to not disturb them, unless it is necessary to do so. As well,  I try my best to keep up to date on the latest news in invasive species and current trends, or yearly cycles in fungus, and mold production that affect trees. THere are many unseen dangers, and risks that large trees pose, especially ones that have never been tended to, or ones that were"topped" on one way, or another. I believe "topping" or stubbing  one human influence that damages trees.

Special jobs take special tools, passion, and innovation... Rigging systems, and difficult removals, are my M.O. ...  A major part of my business is maintaining a close understanding of the physics, and science involved with the true power, behind simple mechanics.

 I have spent over 20 years in the building and landscape installation trades. decks, hand rails, stone walls, patios and pathways  are a big part of what  I have done... i do my best to consider, and not disturb any above, or below ground utilities, as well, I do my best to protect deck, stone patios, and paths, masonry work, and paved drive areas.Knowing construction, drainage, and trees, I can bring a holistic environment to your property with simple maintenence, or removal... Understanding how trees interract with property, and man made structures plays a huge roll in how they should be cared for when in those situations.

    I dont do stump grinding, but I can make nice things out of your stumps if you have the need or desire. I also do live performance chainsaw carving demonstrations for fairs and festivals. As well I have some products in an on line store on WWW.ETSY.COM. Beyond these things,  I do leaf cleanups, hauling, and brush, and leaf chopping/grinding for composting bins, or piles...